Noopept (Powder)

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With a wide range of benefits and a low price tag, it’s no wonder that noopept is a go-to nootropic for many in the community. People rely on noopept as a cognitive enhancer that provides a powerful boost reminiscent of the racetam family of nootropics, which are also quite popular.

Noopept’s effect on NGF and BDNF may help with long-term potentiation, and users claim to be able to more readily recall memories with greater detail than before.

Thanks to its antioxidant effect and the anti-inflammatory action it provides, Noopept is also a neuroprotective agent that helps purge free radicals from brain cells while also protecting against neurodegeneration.

  • Typical dose: 10-20 mg/day
  • Max: 45 mg/day
  • Half-life: 0.5-1 hours
  • Good for: Anxiety, Energy, Focus, Learning, Memory
  • Stacks well with  Alpha GPC, Aniracetam, CDP Choline, Centrophenoxine, Piracetam, Sulbutiamine

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