DMAE L-Bitartrate (Powder)

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DMAE L-Bitartrate (Powder)
DMAE L-Bitartrate (Powder)


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What is DMAE?

DMAE Bitartrate, a natural cholinergic that is also known as Dimethylaminoethanol or Deanol (as a face cream ingredient), is a precursor to the neurotransmitter choline. Choline, a member of the B vitamin family, may play a crucial role in promoting memory, focus and learning. Choline also supports acetylcholine synthesis, which is believed to play a crucial role in memory retention.

DMAE is found in some foods such as anchovies, salmon, and sardines as well as naturally occurs in the human brain. However, the amount of DMAE produced by the brain is considered small and attempting to obtain it through diet on a daily basis is generally inconsistent. Because of this, many people opt to take a DMAE Bitartrate supplement to obtain its potential nootropic benefits.

DMAE Benefits and Uses

DMAE benefits and uses may include:

    • Support healthy metabolic function
    • Support memory and focus

In a number of face creams, DMAE is known as Deanol and is believed to tighten and tone skin quality. Anecdotally, DMAE has also been reported to induce lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is self aware and may even be able to exert control or make decisions that influence the dream’s narrative or environment.

DMAE Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take 350mg of DMAE L-Bitartrate once daily.

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