Compound 7P (Powder)

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Compound 7p (2-[(2-methoxyphenyl)[(4-methyl phenyl) sulfonyl] amino]-N-(4-methoxy-3-pyridinyl) acetamide) showed the highest activity against cervical cancer cells. In a nude mouse xenograft model inoculated with HeLa cells, 7p showed dose-dependent inhibition of cervical tumour growth. Histopathological examination of excised tumour-bearing tissues showed that 7p improved the microstructure in a dose-dependent manner. Compound 7p also increased the proportions of HeLa cells in G0/G1 and S-phase and significantly decreased that of G2/M-phase. The effects of 7p on C-caspase-3, C-caspase-9, Bcl-2 and Bax expression in HeLa cells were also determined.

Compound 7p was developed as one in series of compounds with the aim of identifying dual-acting thromboxane receptor antagonist/synthase inhibitors. In fact compound 7p shows selectivity for prostaglandin I2 synthase (PTGIS, CYP8A1) over thromboxane synthase (CYP5A1).

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