L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) (Powder)

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L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) (Powder)
L-Tetrahydropalmatine (L-THP) (Powder)


Application Dopaminergic antagonist
CAS 483-14-7
Molar Mass 355.4 g/mol
Chemical Formula C21H25NO4
IUPAC Name (13aS)-2,3,9,10-tetramethoxy-6,8,13,13a-tetrahydro-5H-isoquinolino[2,1-b]isoquinoline
Synonyms (+-)-isomer of tetrahydropalmatine, (S)-isomer of tetrahydropalmatine, HCl of tetrahydropalmatine, levo-tetrahydropalmatine, rotundine, Rotundium, tetrahydropalmatine, tetrahydropalmitine, (S)-Tetrahydropalmatine, (-)-Tetrahydropalmatine, (S)-(-)-tetrahydropalmatine, 2,3,9,10-tetramethoxy-13aalpha-berbine, Tetrahydropalmatine (6CI), Caseanine, Gindarine, Corydalis B
Storage Store at room temperature. Keep the container tightly closed, away from heat, light and moisture.
Solubility Soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, DMSO and DMF
Organoleptic Profile White crystalline powder


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