Frequently Asked Questions


How can you compare so many products?

Some aspects of our information collection are automated, while other parts require manual work. We have a team manually collecting information and working hard to make sure you as a consumer get the most relevant information about products, retailers, tests and prices


Do you sell any products?

No. G2Gsources is simply an information service. We help you find the best products at the lowest price. It is the retailers we link to that sell the products, not G2Gsources. Please check the ratings other customers have given the retailer before you make a purchase


How are prices updated?

Most prices are automatically updated at least once a day. For a lot of retailers, prices are updated more often than that. However, G2Gsources does not guarantee that prices are correct. It is therefore important that you double-check the price on the retailer’s website before completing a purchase to ensure that the price you have seen on G2Gsources is current and correct


How do you compare the prices for a product?

G2Gsources strives to be able to display all prices available to you. Retailers are sorted with the lowest price excluding shipping at the top as standard and then in ascending order.
You can always check the retailer’s site yourself for information on shipping costs.


How can G2Gsources list so many retailers?

G2Gsources has a technical solution that matches the available products, retailers and prices. Some aspects of our data processing are automated, while other parts require manual work.

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